'Phaphama' is a Zulu word that means 'Awaken yourself'
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Our remarkable people are the very essence of our organisation

Phaphama Initiatives is built on the enthusiasm and commitment of its people. It offers training and opportunities to all its stakeholders, most of whom come from formerly disadvantaged communities in South Africa.

Throughout the organisation, all work is done by teams comprising people from diverse cultures, genders and backgrounds who have widely differing skills in different contexts, with the explicit aim of building relationships and providing leadership and mutual mentorship opportunities at all times. The structural context in which teams prepare, conduct, debrief and evaluate their work provides ongoing, hands-on opportunities for team members to develop and integrate their skills. The changing composition of teams and the frequency of leadership training opportunities guarantee an unparalleled depth of experience.

This process is building an exponentially growing network of highly skilled, responsible and self-motivated leaders who offer their services within our organisation and externally. It generates income earning opportunities on a growing scale for all role-players in ways that add to the creativity, stability and sustainability of our organisation. The demographic breakdown of our people is extremely representative of South Africa.


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