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TALK Tourism
Overview and clients

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TALK Tourism is committed to building peace by creating inspiring opportunities for communities in South Africa to share their lives with people from different cultures, in ways that generate employment, uphold personal and cultural dignity, and are mutually enriching.

TALK Tourism is authentic community-based tourism, giving visitors both from South Africa and abroad, the opportunity to:
* visit places which your guide will use as a backdrop to give you a deeper understanding of the history, and current challenges and successes facing South Africa,
* meet and talk with local people, and
* experience contemporary South African rural or urban life
* contribute significantly to the social and economic empowerment of local hosts, their families and communities.

This is not the same as visiting a cultural village, especially designed for tourists, nor does it involve a standard tour itinerary; each tour is a personalised experience, connecting people on the human level.

All our tours can be flexibly structured and we would be happy to provide you with a quote once we have had the opportunity to tailor a tour that suits your interests and time constraints.

Some of our clients include:
Albany State University
Delaware University
DePaul University
Georgia University
Georgia Southern University
Michigan State University
Patrick Hamilton Tours
Pridwin Preparatory School - South Africa
University of Johannesburg
University of Pretoria
and countless individuals from all over the world.

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Soweto informal community