'Phaphama' is a Zulu word that means 'Awaken yourself'
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‘Beyond consensus’ techniques in negotiations

Who will benefit by attending:
Individuals and organisations experiencing difficulty in attaining optimal outcomes around complex and challenging issues. These issues can include the whole spectrum from interpersonal, to financial, to trade unions.

Our unique approach is founded on the understanding that the more people have to lose, the more they hold onto their positions in a negotiating space. Once they feel safe enough to see the humanity of others they begin to seek authentic solutions. The use of ‘beyond consensus’ techniques by the facilitation team usually achieves win/win outcomes. This process may be part of a training workshop or simply an opportunity to resolve a conflict, or both. Based on 15 years experience in conflict resolution in many contexts, we offer an experience of what it feels like to create true community in an environment where we affirm, communicate, co-operate, and transform our perceptions and our challenges.

Outcomes will include:
• Improving participants’ understanding of the interrelationship between affirmation, communication, cooperation, community, and conflict transformation.
• Raising awareness and understanding of the impact of improved communication in the negotiating space, to enhance participants’ ability to resolve their own challenges and conflicts.
• Building short or long term relationships based on respect, trust and collaboration.
• Developing participants’ skills in effective communication.
• Building positive practices which contribute to interpersonal co-operation and supportive functioning.
• Identifying entrenched positions and behaviours that may be blocking the negotiating process.
• Exploring the process of change and development in individuals and groups and its effect on the negotiation.

Leadership team:
Client needs are addressed by selecting carefully balanced teams of 3 or 4 facilitators who have the appropriate skills and experience to support the needs of a negotiation and/or the transfer of negotiating skills.

16 hours over two consecutive days, during the week and/or weekends.

We shall be pleased to provide a quote which will be marketplace competitive.


Client quotes:

“Magically, many of the difficulties disappeared once we began seeing each others’ humanity”

“The depth attained enabled us to discuss the real problems in ways that will enable us to do this ourselves in future”

“Clearly very experienced and competent. The use of teams added to the creation of a safe negotiation space”

“All the people involved were drawn to the integrity of the facilitators and felt respected and fairly treated”

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