'Phaphama' is a Zulu word that means 'Awaken yourself'
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Training our own people

Phaphama Initiatives has trained well over 200 facilitators in the last 15 years. Most of them are previously disadvantaged young people who are still at school or have just completed school, and who offer their services mainly in their local communities, schools and correctional facilities.

Many of these young people come from difficult and traumatic family and social backgrounds, having experienced poverty, loss and/or violence from a very young age. Through their involvement in Phaphama they have had the opportunity to make positive changes in their lives and the lives of those around them.

It is important to realise, however, that for such profound personal change to be sustainable, a great deal of courage, commitment and support is required. Becoming a Phaphama facilitator is only the first step in integrating sometimes very new and different values and approaches into daily life. It is unfortunately all too easy to slip back into old habits, to concede to peers who do not understand these new approaches or to harden ourselves against the ever-increasing violence surrounding us. For this reason, Phaphama Initiatives has undertaken to provide an ongoing programme that promotes professional and personal development around its core values and processes.

Each year Phaphama runs a comprehensive training programme aimed at:
• giving facilitators an opportunity to debrief challenges they have experienced in their facilitation thus far
• providing facilitators an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of nonviolence and its implications for everyday living
• honing professional facilitation skills
• learning about new activities and approaches in the conflict resolution and other fields in which Phaphama Initiatives offers training.
• training facilitators in other life-skills enabling them to develop other careers or income-earning opportunities
• encouraging facilitators to support one another in their personal growth
• giving facilitators a forum to share success stories of how they have made positive changes in their lives and work
• enabling facilitators to, together, explore and address challenges in their lives
• providing opportunities for facilitators to meet and get to know one another.

The broader aims of this capacity-building project are to enable Phaphama Initiatives’ facilitators:
• to pioneer a new generation of peace-builders in South Africa
• to become significant leaders and role-models in their communities
• to sustain the growth of human relationship-building, based on the values of respect, trust, cooperation and healthy communication
• to sustain the spread of transformative, nonviolent conflict resolution in communities, community-based organisations, schools, prisons and other institutions
• to empower all Phaphama facilitators to take responsibility for their lives and make meaningful contributions to South Africa, even those encountering Phaphama for the first time in correctional institutions

This capacity-building project is our best guarantee for the quality and motivation of the work we provide in our training and tourism work.

Internal training subjects include:
- Leadership
- Teamwork
- Mentoring
- Language
- Effective Communication
- Entrepreneurship
- Marketing
- Resources
- Quality Assurance
- Tourism


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