University of West Georgia, USA students love their Soweto tour

24 July 2023

Phaphama Tourism was thrilled to host 16 students from the University of West Georgia, USA. They visited us for a one day Soweto tour during June 2023.

After visiting all the historic sites they congregated at our Pimville home for home cooked lunch. Then began the cultural experience part of the day. This is where our visitors get to meet local Sowetans and learn a little about our culture and language as well as share their culture.

Their faculty member, Ann McCleary, remembers:

Thank you so much for the program for our University of West Georgia students!

They really appreciated all that your program offered! As we reflected on the trip, on our second to the last day in South Africa (three weeks after we were in Soweto!), students still remembered fondly their experiences in Soweto. They particularly loved meeting with individuals in your community, learning some basic phrases in the various languages, and sharing stories and thoughts about both your country and ours. Through that experience, they learned that we are actually quite similar in our ideas and that we are all going through similar challenges.

And of course, they loved the food! Food is always a great introduction to a culture, and that was the first (but not the last) time they would experience pop. Everything was so tasty!

We absolutely loved your program, and we cannot thank you enough for all that you did! Although this was only our second day in the country, it was one of our favorites 🙂

We at Phaphama really love feedback like this, as making connections between different people is one of our primary goals. We also enjoy the food we cook, as it is made with love.

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