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WESTONARIA YOUTH INITIATIVE (WeYI) A Community Work Programme (CWP) – Youth Initiative
In the first actve 12 months of WeYI, our implementng actvites were restricted to Bekkersdal and Simunye. We utlised these two geographical areas to test the effectveness of and reassess the need for WeYI by the broader community of Westonaria. Thus the successes and learnings that we experienced in these areas defined the beginning of […]
Training for Venetia Mine (De Beers Group) in Gender-Based Violence Counselling of Lay Counsellors
In July 2020 Phaphama Initiatives responded to a Request for Proposals of Venetia Mine (De Beers Group) to train the lay counsellors of the centres supporting victims of gender based violence in the Blouberg and Musina areas and to help them develop the necessary skills required to counsel victims of gender-based violence. After due diligence, […]
Nosa Interventions for MAMAS Alliance
Through one of its non-executive directors, Dr Gerard Heijkoop (Gerard), Phaphama Initiatives NPC (Phaphama) learned on 3 September 2020 from Ms Sylvia Mwila Luneta, the national coordinator of MAMAS Alliance that one of their child-care organisations, Nosa Early Learning Centre (Nosa) needed help urgently. Phaphama responded to this information with keenness and started to make […]
Team Building Workshop for Mamas Alliance
This report provides the participants of the team-building workshop with an overview of the process, some facilitator observations and the way-forward to which the participants agreed at the end of the workshop. After a lengthy discussion during the last session of the workshop in which the participants grappled with the purpose of a report and […]
Making a Living (MaL)
Community-based sustainable agriculture for food security and socio-economic development using agroecology methods to mitigate climate impacts and biodiversity loss. 
 Covid-19 has had a devastating impact unto the economy of the country and the rest of the world. People were faced with issues of poverty, lack of knowledge about the virus and issues oof compliances. The country was doing its best to ensure that many people could look out for themselves and their families. During […]
Sustained Rehabilitation of Rural Women ex-offenders and reintegration in their communities 
Since towards the end of 2018 The National Movement of Rural Women has been generous in its support for our violence prevention work. This work started in correctional centres based in rural areas of Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Free State and accordingly targeted rural women. 146 of these women received both rehabilitation and psychosocial support, and […]
AVP Basic workshop
An AVP (Alterna,ves to Violence Project) is an experien,al workshop that accommodates various groups who are 12 years and older. We had a dynamic group of pre-teens who were eager to learn about different ways of handling conflict. This group par,cipated with a high sense of energy. The boundary agreements proved to have given a […]

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