This component of the MaL focuses on building individual interpersonal and community development skills. Using our tried and tested methodologies based on the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP), Gender Reconciliation (GR) and Life-skills coaching experiential workshops we run an 8-10 day training with our participants.

When they have completed this workshop, participants have learned to communicate in ways that transform conflict non-violently. These skills are particularly useful in creating constructive working relationships, enthusiastic collaboration and common purpose.  They have done deep emotional work on their own experiences of gender disharmony and injustice, with the intention of discovering new pathways of mutual respect, authenticity and healing between women and men.  Finally, they have practical skills in how to lead and impart knowledge and skills to others, building their abilities to become youth mentors and leaders in their families and communities.

As a special violence prevention intervention, Youth Mentorship focuses on presenting children and youth (most of whom grow up in dysfunctional families at risk of some form of abuse) with role models from their own communities who are trained and are monitored as proactive citizens and mentors for children and youth in schools, prisons, youth agencies and other organised formations in townships and rural areas. 

Through this programme these children and youth get a chance to develop into responsible, positive, productive and economically active members of their communities and citizens of South African society. Since 2016 Phaphama has been successfully implementing Youth Mentorship in various communities of Gauteng, Limpopo, Free State and Mpumalanga. Click here to learn more about our successful implementation of Youth Mentorship.

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