We’re a social investment enterprise based in the heart of Soweto. Born out of the struggle and fight for human rights and equality, Phaphama still has the zeal and eagerness to bring sustainable, beneficial change in people’s lives.

We are a self-sustaining NGO that offers tourism opportunities as well as paid training programmes to governments, corporations, organisations and the general public. We’ve managed to touch and change lives beyond the borders of Soweto and South Africa, improving the general living conditions of our communities.



Phaphama Initiatives acts with the utmost integrity in serving communities and all stakeholders, clients, funding agencies, and all other entities it works with.


We uphold the highest professional standard of operation and governance, making use of professional facilitators and other key personnel, as per the relevant accreditation required by governing institutions. We strive for excellence in all aspects of engaging with our society.

Transparency and Openness

we enable a culture of transparency, respect, nonviolence, honesty, accountability, empathy, openness, and high ethical standards within the organisation and with all the stakeholders whom we work with.


Phaphama Initiatives is committed to the creative development of programmes and to on-going learning and reflection on all its works.


Phaphama Initiatives respects the gender, diversity and background of all individuals it deals with.



To bring long-term positive change in people’s lives through focused experiential life skills training and coaching in and all-around Southern Africa.

We at Phaphama Initiatives realises this mission, using:

mentorship training
conflict transformation training
gender EQUITY reconciliation training
leadership training and group coaching
African language and culture learning
community tourism initiatives
accredited training
building partnerships



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