Gender Transformative Initiatives

The gender transformative training of Phaphama is premised on the fact that both women and men are afflicted by gender disharmony, each needs the other for true and complete healing. This work brings women and men together to confront and transform gender injustice.

The training is in a form of a five-day workshop, which is a combination of learning nonviolent conflict resolution skills; immersing in the principles of gender equity and reconciliation work; and community mapping. As such, the training achieves a balance between a strengths-based practice (what assets and strengths can we tap into, that can assist us in addressing complex social challenges?), and unflinching, honest self-reflection of personal and societal gender conditioning.

The training material is carefully designed to deepen:

Staff and management in workplaces, gender activists, lay counsellors, social workers, women and men safety officers, Community Police Forums, relevant SAPS officers, educators and anyone who is affected by or working on addressing GBV would benefit profoundly from the healing and self-care effects of this work. Men, in particular, find it to be a useful way to disrupt deeply entrenched toxic male masculinity.

Contact us for a quote if you are ready to take the next step towards achieving gender justice and harmony in your immediate environment.

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