A full day visit to Soweto with TALK Tourism is your opportunity not only to learn about the history of Soweto, but also to engage in a two-way cultural exchange, discovering some of the fundamental concepts of urban African life as it develops in the 21st Century, and sharing something of your own culture and way of life with your hosts.

A Full Day SOWETO VISIT includes the following:
Sites of historical and heritage significance

We would also be very happy to accommodate your special interests e.g. school, church or sangoma visits, to mention just a few, if you let us know in advance of your visit.

Depending on your itinerary and interest, the morning part of your tour may include these sites:

Lunch with a Soweto family

You will join a family in Soweto for a delicious home-cooked African meal of iphalishi (maize porridge), ikabishi (cabbage), ithanga (pumpkin), umleqwa (home prepared chicken), umngqusho (samp and beans). Visitors will be encouraged to eat with their hands in true African style.

African intercultural afternoon (suitable only for groups of four or more visitors)

Family members, neighbours and language helpers from the TALK project will explore with you various aspects of urban living.

Through discussion and role-play, you will experience:

You will be given an African name, learn an African greeting with the appropriate handshake, and learn basic phrases in one of the nine official indigenous languages.

To round off the visit, your hosts will teach you one or two African songs complete with dance steps.

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