We’re on a journey to impact change in our communities. Take a look at the programs we have available in our organisation.

Training for Facilitators
Since 1995, Phaphama has trained more than 2000 skilled facilitators in violence prevention and peace-building work. Phaphama’s training for facilitators (T4F) course is based on the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) methodology of developing facilitators. This methodology requires that the aspiring facilitators go through a practical process of learning to build community and cultivate a […]
Gender Transformative Initiatives
The gender transformative training of Phaphama is premised on the fact that both women and men are afflicted by gender disharmony, each needs the other for true and complete healing. This work brings women and men together to confront and transform gender injustice. The training is in a form of a five-day workshop, which is […]
Conflict Transformation
The Phaphama conflict transformation services include mediation, coaching, team-building and experiential conflict resolution workshops. These can be delivered for individuals and groups over two or more days, depending on the clients’ needs. Participants learn the causes of conflict and violence, recognise institutionalised violence, understand its effect on others and interrogate their contribution to conflict. They […]
Transfer of African Language Knowledge (TALK)
In 1990 TALK laid the foundations of all our peace work. Initiated by our visionary founding member Liz Johanson-Botha, TALK has over the years contributed to the nation building project in South Africa. TALK uses African language and intercultural learning as a vehicle through which to build effective workplace and personal relationships based on mutual […]

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