Training for Facilitators

Since 1995, Phaphama has trained more than 2000 skilled facilitators in violence prevention and peace-building work. Phaphama’s training for facilitators (T4F) course is based on the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) methodology of developing facilitators.

This methodology requires that the aspiring facilitators go through a practical process of learning to build community and cultivate a safe space in a group. Giving and receiving feedback, both of self and other, is a vital component of the workshop. This experiential process is delivered in a three-day module.

Participants wishing to become facilitators must have participated in an AVP Basic and an AVP Advanced workshop. It is recommended that participants give themselves at least six weeks between each workshop, to allow for time to internalise what has been learnt and start applying the principles in everyday life. The best facilitators are those who live AVP, rather than do AVP.

After completing the T4F, a participant is awarded a certificate of completion, and is registered as an apprentice AVP facilitator with AVP International. An apprentice facilitator is invited to facilitate at least 10 violence prevention and peace-building workshops before being certified as a Lead Facilitator.

The rigorous intensity of the process is well worth the investment.

Let us know if you are ready to embark on a journey of being an effective violence prevention and peace-building facilitator, or even if you want to enhance your existing facilitation skills.

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