TALK Tourism of Phaphama Initiatives NPC is a genuinely community-based tourism initiative that provides opportunities for international and domestic visitors to experience our country and get to know our people.

Our Soweto Day Visits & Home Stays, immersions, South African Indigenous Language and Culture Learning, Johannesburg and Cape Town Tours are flexibly structured in terms of group size, duration and itinerary.

Your fee contributes directly to the socio-economic transformation of our country. A sizeable proportion remunerates the community guide and the host family, with the remainder contributing to the violence prevention work of our non-profit organisation.

Experience African culture

TALK Tourism arranges for small or large groups of visitors who wish to experience African culture to stay for a period of time with a family in a rural area or township of South Africa. Visitors are accompanied by a Phaphama guide on this trip, whose task it is to integrate you into the life […]

South African Indigenous Languages And Culture Learning

If your interest is nothing else but to learn the South African Indigenous language spoken and culture practiced in an area, TALK Tourism will organise a fun but insightful learning activity tailor-made to suit your learning needs. In our typical community-based tourism style, we arrange a short (three to five days) immersion for you with […]


If one day in Soweto is too short for you to ask all the questions you have or to see all the community activities you may want to see, TALK Tourism can arrange for you to stay with a local Soweto family for a night, a weekend, a month or more. In this way, you […]

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