Conflict Transformation

The Phaphama conflict transformation services include mediation, coaching, team-building and experiential conflict resolution workshops. These can be delivered for individuals and groups over two or more days, depending on the clients’ needs.

Participants learn the causes of conflict and violence, recognise institutionalised violence, understand its effect on others and interrogate their contribution to conflict. They learn the importance of expressing themselves clearly and non-violently, and listening deeply. This work helps participants to work together as a team, rather than against one another. It builds confidence in participants by fostering self-acknowledge and an understanding of self.

The training methodology of the Phaphama conflict transformation is underpinned by 14 foundational principles (AVP International, 2018):

  1. Teamwork: Workshops are facilitated by teams of facilitators who practice and model the participatory attitudes, skills, processes and knowledge we aim to transfer to the participants.
  2. Shared power and leadership: We share leadership roles and we commit to drawing on the strengths and wisdom of everyone in the group.
  3. Alternatives: The workshops are built on a belief that people always have options and choices, and choose how they respond.
  4. Inclusiveness: We make a conscious effort to be inclusive and to seek common ground while identifying and embracing differences.
  5. Good within everyone: We recognise that there is something of value in everyone and, when we affirm and connect with the capacity for good, the potential for non-violent, caring relationships are increased.
  6. Journey of personal exploration: We value many different paths and respect people’s right to choose their own path.
  7. Experiential Learning: The workshops are built on experiential exercises and the belief that everyone has knowledge and experience to share and can learn from the experiences of others.
  8. Community: We help build a sense of community within the workshop.
  9. Personal non-violence: We encourage people to take personal responsibility for not harming oneself or others.
  10. Consensus: We work towards consensus in making decisions within workshops.
  11. Safety: We work hard to create a safe environment that is conducive to collaboration, personal growth and taking risks.
  12. Accessibility and consistency: While there is a great deal of variation around the world, these workshops are recognisable anywhere in the world due to established practices and processes.
  13. Mutual respect: Respect for self and others is at the heart of the workshops.
  14. Transforming power: We believe we all have the power to positively transform ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in.

Build positive and productive relationships in your business, church, school, community or home by transforming conflict. Contact us for a quote and information on how we can help you achieve this. Our conflict transformation work for workplaces is accredited with Services Sector Education and Training Authority (SSETA).

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