Sheila Mudau


I’m Sheila Mudau, from Tshikudini Village, Thohoyandou Limpopo.  I met Phaphama while attending a TVC [The Victorious Community] programme, I was reported there for being a bad child and not behaving well. They introduced Phaphama to me.

With Phaphama I first did the Making a Living Programme, which included conflict resolution, we learned how to handle conflicts in a non-violent way.  We also got the opportunity to learn about the gardening. We also were given an opportunity to be a mentor, mentoring children at school to show them good behaviour, also non-violent ways to act at school and prevent bullying at schools.

This programme has helped me a lot, because I’m a better person now.  I used to be a violent person, I used to react [violently] to everything that happened.  But since I attended this programme, I’m a calm person, I have better words to resolve conflict with those around me.  

This programme also helped me to make a garden for myself.  I get food from that garden and sell the surplus.  I planted ground nuts.

It also helped me to gain confidence, because while I was attending that programme and going to schools, I was able to speak to children, and this gave me confidence.  I even got a job [as a teacher assistant], I used what I learnt in the programme and applied it during my interview, and they were impressed and I was hired.

So now I’m a mentor at school also, because of that programme.

It changed my life, I’m a better person today because of that programme, thank you.

As told to Thamsanqa Mzaku in Tshikudini Village, Limpopo, 8 March 2023.

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