Tumelo Tau


Hi, I'm Tumelo Tau co-founder and director of training and development organisation Sebata Bahurutsi as well as innovations and brand management company Myriad Vanguard.

I am going to share a little about my beginning/s to personal as well as entrepreneurial growth. I will also share to you the role Phaphama Initiatives played in the development of that growth.

Growing up I have always been an independent young boy with a strong entrepreneurial mind, starting from selling sweets and snacks in primary school to informally owning a hair and cosmetics shop by the time I was in high school, before being on multiple boards of various organisations including that of non profits.

Throughout my successful youthful journey, I still had a lot of personal challenges I faced within myself that spawned the angry and rebellious teenager in me, up until my concerned mother introduced me to Phaphama Initiatives via the Alternatives to Violence Programme. My life has never been the same after being a member and part the Phaphama family, from being a participant to becoming a facilitator of their various programmes like Gender Reconciliation, which also played a huge role in my personal growth as a young man. Through Phaphama my quest to becoming a professional workshop facilitator opened up other doors I could never have imagined, like Life, Relationships, organisational and Systems Coaching amongst many other programmes including mentorship from within and other partner organisations of Phaphama.

I can boldly say I am a self and socially aware/considerate human being through Phaphama learnings. Thank you.

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